Blind Cat Has Unique Eyes
Giving A Banana A Tattoo
Elephant Steals Hat And Eats It
Lava Devours An Entire Car
Dog Sliding Down A Snowy Hill
Cat Addicted To Catnip
2 måneder siden
Porcupine Loves To Get Pet
Dog Rescued From Tar Pit
3 måneder siden
Pharell Scott
Pharell Scott 9 timer siden
Can we all get a r for respect for my 5th grade teacher? She's awesome
Sujan Baskota
Sujan Baskota 9 timer siden
0:31 Barney (HIMYM) says,"meet me in the bar in 15 minutes"
Saleh Almarshood
Saleh Almarshood 9 timer siden
اللي شاف الجربوع لايك 🤣
The house Of stories
The house Of stories 9 timer siden
I think I overdosed on Internet 🤭
Lucas James
Lucas James 9 timer siden
Me: Burns the resurrection plant Also me: No resurrections this time
Delance Beane
Delance Beane 9 timer siden
Mr. Stiffy
Gilbert Nicholas
Gilbert Nicholas 9 timer siden
I wanna see him make the sound of a chicken head
mark lepka
mark lepka 10 timer siden
Unreal jay
Unreal jay 10 timer siden
0:27 be Uber drivers who are daredevils
Jake Xiong
Jake Xiong 10 timer siden
Heartbeat sounds like printer
Skullz JR
Skullz JR 10 timer siden
KlueZ 10 timer siden
that cat is the embodiment of smh
Slowbro 10 timer siden
NPC levels of failure with that pizza oven
Gabriel 10 timer siden
man taht sick dog made me sad ╯︿╰
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 10 timer siden
Sad when you realise that safe haven here is just another way of saying baby dumpster for irresponsible knockups
Sara Diamonds
Sara Diamonds 10 timer siden
Poopy poopy poop I like my cereal with fruit loops Loops make circles and hoops A farts are gooey and goop
Blue Flexin
Blue Flexin 10 timer siden
For all honesty, that looked like true love
N H Tan
N H Tan 10 timer siden
Doggo Water bender Walker on water
Duke 10 timer siden
"They are using plastic instead of noodles." I got some bad news for you and anybody else who doesn't know the molecular make up of packaged Ramen Noodles. (Hint: its basically plastic. Thats why you can feed a college student with them for a year for about 10 dollars.)
cope or rope since i lost all hope
cope or rope since i lost all hope 10 timer siden
I thought this was a face reveal from the thumbnail trailer!
Spudato 64
Spudato 64 10 timer siden
This is MY daily dose of pleasure :D
Abhimanyu Rajesh
Abhimanyu Rajesh 10 timer siden
he look like amogus :O
littleanvil 10 timer siden
1:43 now do it with time stop
Dook Hova
Dook Hova 10 timer siden
Jesus Dog
Dr. Snake WasTaken
Dr. Snake WasTaken 10 timer siden
0:51 the face of every parent
It’sVeranicaa 10 timer siden
0:30 big mess
Spooky 10 timer siden
The mom: *stairs at baby* The baby: WAHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHH The mom: WAHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHH The baby in his mind: what is this dumb lady doing
Turtle Nohjk
Turtle Nohjk 10 timer siden
I don’t think das a pouch if you know what I’m sayin
Sh4ringan Games
Sh4ringan Games 10 timer siden
Naruto is real
Viva Namida
Viva Namida 10 timer siden
first thing to do when you tongue swells up "ask tiktok"
Hauajaha jajaha
Hauajaha jajaha 10 timer siden
That dog is flash
Mr. Melanchology
Mr. Melanchology 10 timer siden
_Thats no design feature, that’s a laser sight! get down!_
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan 10 timer siden
War Lord
War Lord 10 timer siden
Dog used his ultra instinct!
LEQI LI 10 timer siden
The 2nd I seen before from Zach king
Angela Molnar/Pemberton
Angela Molnar/Pemberton 10 timer siden
I love you feeding the squirrels 🐿🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏
Hamburger Hamburger
Hamburger Hamburger 10 timer siden
So you can feel the same way as dinosaurs
Mariana Mendez
Mariana Mendez 10 timer siden
I guess King Kong knows how to swipe on a dating app.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mamew 10 timer siden
It’s bird man!
DeathbyChaotic 10 timer siden
If that guy was a airbender. No one would stand a chance
ash 10 timer siden
1:12 “the aliens are using their gravity weapons on us, this will be a tough one commander”
Minimus Max
Minimus Max 10 timer siden
if all I had to do to get on the daily dose of the internet was to do what I do every day, land at an airport after telling the tower to reduce lights, I would have done it. DAMMIT.
Theoneandmarlboroman 10 timer siden
Cat: "Say eh again"!!!
RoboPuffin 10 timer siden
*scoff scoff* CPG Grey *scoff scoff*
OwnThe WolfGod
OwnThe WolfGod 10 timer siden
That’s a buzz saw and then edited into paper
Gavin Lubag
Gavin Lubag 10 timer siden
Andrew Bernal
Andrew Bernal 10 timer siden
To be fair, I’m disgusted by that baby too.
Mountain Bike Braap
Mountain Bike Braap 10 timer siden
The frog looks like it's takin' a wazz.
Normal Profile
Normal Profile 10 timer siden
Cats back then: Fast, strong, stealthy, amazing hunters Cats now: 0:19
TheRealRomeo 10 timer siden
fun fact; this is the 25,001th comment:)
Dockboy 2007
Dockboy 2007 10 timer siden
*Technically* it is clickbait but let's ignore that
ThatMobilePlayer 10 timer siden
Daily Dose Of Internet: Cat sounds like lazer beam 15 mil people: *Interesting*
ocho cinco
ocho cinco 10 timer siden
Why he sound like that lol
ansaksa 10 timer siden
that`s not a cat, that`s caracal!
Nate M
Nate M 10 timer siden
6:28 link? Name?
Warrior Cat
Warrior Cat 10 timer siden
OO pet hamster eats broccoli
Simp 10 timer siden
Yea we dont like kids
Eli Gilbert
Eli Gilbert 10 timer siden
them squirels are fat
Ricardo Fermé
Ricardo Fermé 10 timer siden
0:52 I can relate
Bobitotime 10 timer siden
They call the dog Jesus
vader77darth 10 timer siden
《OrangeStars》 10 timer siden
How he draws attnetion: *Censored rock*
Leapord 2A5 MBT
Leapord 2A5 MBT 10 timer siden
That dog is jesus
The Great People
The Great People 10 timer siden
Wow time for another forest fire
D M 10 timer siden
That cat doing that is literally the most cat thing EVER
AbRealGaming 10 timer siden
This is why no other country is intimidated by the United States anymore lol
MakoSipper 10 timer siden
Reminded me of Sam & Max Hit the Road
John Tran
John Tran 10 timer siden
that squirrel is me when costco has free samples
Dust 10 timer siden
1:22 my cat looked up to find a bird.
Doodle Bug
Doodle Bug 10 timer siden
We should get Mark Rober to make a custom feeder for Daily Dose and his squirrels
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan 10 timer siden
Collar McGregor
Sergio Lopez-Adam
Sergio Lopez-Adam 10 timer siden
0:30 Me in minecraft with the elytra
Nono Oceña
Nono Oceña 10 timer siden
Is the bread 🍞 still edible?
Casper Ablij
Casper Ablij 10 timer siden
This made my fkn day omg :P thank you sir
•–• 10 timer siden
Awe my dog used to do what the dog did in the last clip-
Antix taktix
Antix taktix 10 timer siden
I too am disgusted by babies. They're useless little aliens.
Cultista X
Cultista X 10 timer siden
What the
Shula Maybelle
Shula Maybelle 10 timer siden
EnderHomieWasTaken 10 timer siden
RIP the huevó
Liam Rojo
Liam Rojo 10 timer siden
2:59. People in the 3 cars: Hey look we gotta free car wash although we need soap. *drives awaY to a car wash just to get some soap* *3 cars come back* Ocean: NO MORE WAVES. *cars start to beep at the waves* Waves:😐😐😐